We're almost there with the beer list, the last barrels (or firkins to give them their correct name) are on their way and ready to be installed with loving care on our stillage.

The cider is all sorted and as usual our thanks to CAMRA's Cider Guru and friend of the Festival, Steve Berks.  Check our below to see what's coming.  Thanks also to our suppliers, Rosie's and Fetchthedrinks.

Please be aware that while evert effort is made to ensure all the beers are available for the festival that we are dealing with a natural product and as a result sometimes things aren't ready on time for us.  Also, while we try to order enough beer and then some over to ensure that the festival has enough beer ir might be that a particular beer runs out.  There is lots of choice and our staff will help you find something to your taste.  Enjoy!